Today we have a quick q and A with IAn!

Q: Introduction;

Tell us a little about yourself and your love for cars? What inspired or ignited your passion for cars?

A: My name is Ian, I was born and raised in Pta. I do love most cars but have a special love for Japanese Coupes. When I was young, my uncle got a PlayStation and the first game I played was Gran Turismo. I was instantly in love and from a young age could remember the Stats of all these vehicles. From there the passion only grew and now I own 2x of those cars I grew up driving in these games. What a privilege and blessing from God.

Q: The Car Choice;

What drew you to this beaut of a Car? Was there a specific reason or story behind choosing this particular car?

A: I have a 1993 Nissan 200SX (S13) in white, which I bought in February 2016 as my first vehicle. At that time, young and fresh, I was looking for 2 door coupes, (Preludes, Calibras, Sentra Coupes) When I test drove the SX, I knew I had to have it. In October 2020 I got myself a 1992 Honda Prelude 2.2Si as well.

Q: Modifications;

What mods have you made to your car, and what reasons for the specific mods? How do these mods enhance your driving experience or performance?

A: Bigger wheels, stickier tires, lowered suspension, poly bushes and more power. It’s now better in every way, except for reliability.

Q: Challenges and Learnings;

What challenges did you face during the modification process, and how did you overcome them? What have you learned about cars or yourself through these modifications?

A: I’ve had many challenges and breakdowns over the years. I can only thank my friends and the SX community for helping with their ‘know how”. When I bought the car, I did not know anything about the mechanicals of how a car works. I’ve learned a lot about cars working on the SX.

Q: Performance vs. Aesthetics;

When making modifications, do you prioritize performance or aesthetics, and why? How do you balance between making the car look good and improving its performance?

A: I’m an aesthetic kind of guy. But performance mods are less expensive than body kits and paint jobs. So, my car is more performance orientated, but has been built as a daily to be used regularly. I do have minor aesthetic things done to it.

Q: Favorite Modification;

Among the modifications you’ve made, which one is your favorite, and why? How has this particular modification enhanced your driving experience?

A: I must say, it is between the Maxx ECU for keeping the engine safe and running. And the 17-inch Bronze Rays RE30 wheels, giving the car a nice look.

Q: Community and Culture;

Do you engage with car enthusiast communities or clubs? If so, how has it influenced your passion or modifications? What role does the car culture play in your life and passion for automobiles?

A: I am a car guy, so of course I try to attend events. But getting older one might get busy with other stuff. Other cars can always serve as inspiration for one’s build. Getting to know people with similar passions is one of the best things.

Q: Inspirations and Role Models;

Are there specific builders or car enthusiasts who inspire your modifications or influence your style? How have these inspirations shaped your approach to modifying your car?

A: When I was younger, I watched AdamLZ and mighty car mods for tips and inspiration. But these days if the car can bring me to my destination, I can be happy.

Q: Balance and Trade-offs;

Are there any modifications you’ve wanted to make but haven’t, due to practicality or trade-offs? How do you balance between desired modifications and the practicality of daily use?

A: All modifications not done, is because of financial reasons, that’s it.

Q: Future Plans;

Do you have any future modifications or upgrades planned for your car? What are they, and why are they important to you? How do you see your car evolving in the future?

A: Future mods include: maybe period correct body kit with fresh paint. And maybe a SR20DET

Q: Technical Insights;

Can you share some technical details about the modifications and how they affect the car’s performance? How have these modifications impacted the technical aspects of the vehicle?

A: It drives & handles better, and beats a Golf GTi, That’s the goal.

Q: Driving Experience:

How has modifying your car changed the way it feels to drive? What do you love most about driving your modified car?

A: It is a very engaging drive, and the sounds it makes just cruising around is mesmerizing.

Q: Personal Connection;

Is there a personal story or memory attached to your car that makes it especially significant to you? How does your car reflect your personality or interests?

A: I mainly buy cars because they look nice. Then I will make them drive nice as well.

Q: Closing thoughts;

A: It was my first car when I was 19, and I built it as a daily driver.
The SX was not built to win drag races, but rather to enjoy and have fun with, while it drives like a dream on a daily basis.


I have touched almost every part of this car…  – Ian Rehder, 2023

Modification list:


  • CA18DET was rebuilt +-15000km ago.
  • Nissan OEM pistons and bearings
  • Gasflowed head from Martin Bruwer
  • Balanced Bottom end
  • Exedy Stage 1 clutch
  • Nissan S15 t28 bb turbo(disco potato)
  • 63mm freeflow exhaust
  • Front mount cooler with custom boost pipes (TPS welding)
  • Refurbished gearbox with short shifter(Still a tiny bit noisy)
  • Custom radiator (TPS welding)
  • Quantum 255 fuel pump
  • Maxx Street ECU (tuned by BB motorsport/ Willem Rossouw)


  • Front poly bushes
  • Still need to tackle the rears.
  • Tein lowering springs (35mm) with new KYB shocks


  • Powerbrake discs front
  • EBC yellow stuff pads all round
  • Rears to be done still


  • Leather seats with red stitching front and back.
  • Carpets were dyed black.
  • Basic boost gauge
  • Uncracked Dash (Super rare :P)